Orpine Wash & Wax Soap




OrPine Wash & Wax is a concentrated green/blue, biodegradable, water soluble, semi-fluid gel, available in 1 litre, 20 litre and bulk containers, as required. It is a sanitising detergent cleaner that lathers in varied water qualities, including fresh and salt water. OrPine Wash & Wax cleans while leaving a clear wax coating, to protect the finished surface.

OrPine Wash & Wax has a superior cleaning design that has been a proven performer over time. It is widely used globally by both marine and recreation for cleaning of fibreglass, fish boxes, painted surfaces, varnished/lacquered surfaces and all metal surfaces on boats and trailers.

OrPine Wash & Wax has a pleasant fresh pine scent, combined with superior cleaning and waxing ability, for both the boating and recreational user alike.


Gallon, Quart


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