Jabsco 17800 Series Porta Quick Oil Changer


The Porta-Quick Portable Oil Changer makes quick, clean and easy oil changes on-board any boat.

It uses the vessel’s own power supply to operate the heavy-duty flexible impeller pump while featuring a reversing switch that allows you to pump oil in either direction


Pump Body: Bronze construction
Impeller: Nitrile (oil resistant)
Shaft Seal: Lip Type
Motor: Reversible with integral reversing
Container: Plastic with 14 quart capacity
Power Cord: 8 feet with alligator clips
Suction Hose: 4 feet of neoprene hose with
40 inch Teflon* dipstick probe
Dimensions: 13-1/2″ (343mm) diameter,
13-5/8″ (354mm) high
Weight: 9 lbs. (4.1 kg)


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