Glomex 10″ DVB-T2 TV Full HD Marine Omnidirectional Antenna w-Automatic Gain Control




DVB-T2 TV Full HD Marine Omnidirectional Antenna with Automatic Gain Control

The Talitha has evolved into the Talitha AGC to make life easier with the innovative automatic gain control amplifier.

Thanks to this amplifier, you only have to turn on the TV and the antenna AGC will adjust by itself the gain of the TV signal to ensure the best possible reception of television broadcasts.
With conventional amplifiers, you have to manually adjust the TV signal gain by lowering or increasing the gain based on the signal strength. With the new Talitha AGC, everything will happen automatically and the innovative amplifier can be placed in a hidden location inside the boat.

Included Accessories:

  • 50023/14 Automatic Gain Control Amplifier
  • 66′ Coaxial Cable to connect the antenna to the amplifier
  • 5′ Set Cord to connect the amplifier to the TV
  • V9144  Female Gold Plated Connector


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